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World Brotherhood Organization has decided to honor responsible and good citizens with Rs 5,100/-

Posted on:  31 Dec 2017
Dec 31, 2017: On the Eve of New Year 2018 World Brotherhood Organization has taken a big step and declared that any common citizen who catches a chain/purse snatcher and hands him over to police and also who takes the road accident person to hospita

Saffron Terror took another life : "Rajini Krish’s Last Post: “When Equality is Denied, Everything is Denied” Sanjiv Chandan

Posted on:  13 Mar 2017
When equality is denied everything is denied. By saying Prof Sukhdeo thorat looking for the questions in the conference organized by UDSF in the SSS -1 Auditorium, behind Prof. Throat the white colour projector screen recalled Jeeva’s son memories a

This is shameful: India will deny children food because they don't have an Aadhaar number : Supriya Sharma

Posted on:  07 Mar 2017
India has the highest number of malnourished children in the world. You would imagine people in the government would be having sleepless nights thinking of ways to improve the nutrition and health of children.

As it turns out, the governm

Can’t teach yoga in schools forcibly: Supreme Court

Posted on:  07 Nov 2016

It is really very ridiculous and cunningness that Indian lawyer quote the judgments of courts of European country saying that see in that court this kind of judgment has been passed and the so and so has given that remarks over this particula

New World Record Set by Delhi Diabetes Research Centre Gets a place in Guinness World Records

Posted on:  06 Nov 2016
New Delhi, 6th November 2016: The diabetes capital of the world has a new feather in its cap. Delhi Diabetes Research Centre (DDRC) today created 03 world records by screening the largest number of diabetic patients in 8 hours. The specialized scree

Do you want to write for TV? Star TV by any chance? :

Posted on:  19 Sep 2016
Do you want to write for TV? Star TV by any chance?
Star TV sent me this route to its Writers Program. Do check it out, for those of you who might be interested.

Star Writers Program -- a 6-month, residential, all expenses paid tele

Women Empowered “ - an exciting lineup of events. Organized by Smeetha Bhoumik, Powered by Planet Radiocity Freedom

Posted on:  06 Sep 2016
Vidhyalya : Gender Sensitization , Gender Discrimination is on the high rise ,movement against the all atrocity has also taken a rapid pace ,

Planet Radiocity Freedom has supported a series of event in which different kind of progr

Poetic Medley - Muse, Mic and Book' event organizes by English Literary Association of V.G. Vaze College

Posted on:  28 Aug 2016
'Poetic Medley - Muse, Mic and Book' event organizes by English Literary Association of V.G. Vaze College

A wonderful event where you get to enter the beautiful world of poetry!

Wait! Hey, hey, hey! Don't run off like that!

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