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Russian Svetlana Tulasi,has devoted her life to Kathak

Posted on:  | 16 May 2015

VIDHYALYA: Svetlana Tulasi, 23, is a half-Indian and half-Russian kathak dancer from Moscow, Russia. She learned kathak from a Russian woman, disciple of one of the most prominent Kathak gurus - Smt. Urmila Nagar of Kathak Kendra University (Delhi, India). Her Guru ji name is Ekaterina Selivyorstova. She came back to Russia after graduating from Kathak Kendra and continues to teach Kathak dance to her students. Svetlana is her senior student.

Since the age of 10 Svetlana was learning Kathak thanks to her father Tulasi Triloka Murthy. When she was 13, her father passed away, and she remained dancing and promoting Indian classical dance & culture in the memory of her father. She now has become a professional Kathak dancer with a Bollywood-type appearance, being one of the most popular kathak dancers in youtube nowadays - her video from Ukraine's Got Talent TV show where she danced in a traditional kathak dance style gained millions of views and hundreds of comments from different people across the world.

Svetlana's dream is to encourage as much young Indian people as possible to contribute to their culture and learn the traditional dancing styles of India instead of the western culture.
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