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If section of the game is fixed it is not crime IPL is an Entertainment Game and not Serious Issue

Posted on:  | 17 Jul 2015

Vidhyalya : when you go to a Magic show for your entertainment , the magician out there show you many tricks some time you amazed some time you smile , the magician cut the head of his co artist , or subject who is performing magic on . But do you ever have made complained about it ?? Whereas you know that was the trick only , it was not the real one .

This is the same why IPL , Indian premier League has been designed , it has been designed in such a way that it make you happy , it just entertain you . in this game player are sold out the owner of the team buy them , they set the agenda . and play .. in this game a Nation or state never played only a section of player play for their respective team .

Now roar over the fixing of the game is also wrong, though fixing may be unethical in different views but this is right of the master or owner of the team he can ask his player to perform the way he wants

He has spent huge money the game designed also permit him to innovate then what is wrong in it ??
Now the question of big National Player if they will play like professional or hired player who will trust the game?? so this is not problem of the player , better BCCI or IPL must prepare the set of rules for the players .

In IPL many player comes from the dark, this dark has been created by the Politicians and the politics in the selection process also .
To remove all future hurdle IPL can be con
verted into professional segment and should be away from BCCI also
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