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Its not about Board Exam, Reform education System

Posted on:  | 20 Aug 2015

Vidhyalya the condition of the vishva guru is that they are poorer then African Countries in many respect , Human Development index show that Pakistan , Nigeria , Kenya are far ahead of India ,
Even in Education Asian Counties are far good But Indian Academician , Intellectuals , party leader always tried to put their Indian people in the dark they want to keep people in illusion of past and never understand the reality of present while present reality is that India is in very bad situation in terms of Education
Currently conducted ranking of world’s top Universities India is no where among 400 top University even Indian University did not get the entry except one College , Institute of Science Bangalore .
Wo we need to improve the quality of Education so that we can compete the world But Indian Government Specially BJP-RSS Government want to distort the history distort the education system they want to spoil all Institutions just by taking the whimsical decision of appointment of their on own people who are not eligible for the post
Yesterday HRD Minister Simriti Irani had a meeting of Academician, but could not take decision on the Xth Board Exam , different people gave different reason on different points but no one tried to say that present c course of xth class is wrong . subject are not the subject which students want to study , these are the subject which students are forced to read and this is the main reason .
Failing in board exam there could be many reasons but this is the main reason
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