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Admission Process

Posted on:  | 28 Apr 2016

Admission Process

A candidate must successfully complete the Undergraduate Technical Program admissions process that comprises of an entrance test followed by a portfolio review & interview.
Srishti Selection Protocols 2016
Admission to courses offered by Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Srishti / Institute) is in accordance with rules, procedures and guidelines set down under the Srishti Selection Protocols.
The Selection Process
Admission to any course at a given level to Srishti comprises the following:
Submission of a completed Application Form for a chosen course and level of study.
Successful completion of the Srishti Entrance and Aptitude Test (SEAT) for the Undergraduate and Postgraduatelevels of study.
Declaration and proof of Minimum Educational Qualifications (MEQ).
Fulfilment of all requirements during:
Review of personal portfolio of art and design-related works
Counselling at a personal one-on-one level

The Selection Protocols
The Selection to a course of study at Srishti is subject to the following protocols:

Protocol : Nationality

Admission to all courses at all levels in Srishti is open to all nationals (Indian/Foreign).
Indian nationals residing overseas are required to satisfy the rules and regulations of Srishti pertaining to the admission of NRI students.
International applicants must write to Srishti at or check the Srishti website ( for rules and regulations that govern international candidates.
Protocol: Application

Application forms for the academic year of admissions will be uploaded on the Srishti Admissions webpage on or before November 1st of the year preceding the academic admission year. These forms must be downloaded, duly filled in and mailed to the address given on the form and on the website.
An applicant may only apply for only one course at a given level and in a given academic year.
All application forms must be accompanied by the required documents and a demand draft covering the application fee.
The last date for the receipt of the relevant application forms for the academic year will be given on the form and also on the website. Any changes or extensions of the last date will be notified on the website and all applicants are advised to regularly check the admissions page and noticeboard for updates. Srishti will not be held responsible and/or liable if the applicant has failed to update herself / himself regarding the changes notified on the Srishti website.
Protocol: Rounds

A “Round” represents a specific timeframe comprising a set of published dates and times, within which a candidate may apply.
An applicant may apply in one round only in one academic year. Applications made by the candidate for subsequent rounds in the same course of study or to another course of study in a subsequent round will be disqualified.

Protocol: SEAT 2016

Applicants seeking admission to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels should appear for the SEAT 2016.
SEAT is a written examination of 3 hours duration and will be held as per the published schedule
SEAT is run each year at four levels. They are the Undergraduate Professional, the Undergraduate Technical, the Postgraduate Professional and the Postgraduate Program.
Each round in the SEAT 2016 will have different question papers, but with the same number of questions, same total marks and with identical difficulty levels, which will be moderated for consistency and parity.
Each round of SEAT 2016 will be conducted in different centres across the country and in selected centres outside, if possible. The list of centres, dates of the tests and the levels of each test will be publshed under the Admissions Calendar on the Srishti website. Candidates are advised to check the website regularly for updates as well as changes in dates or times.
It is mandatory for candidates to select one centre of their choice. Once the application is submitted, request for change of centre may NOT be possible. If the number of registered applicants at a listed city falls below a manageable mark, the centre may be dropped from the final list of SEAT 2016 centres, and those candidates will be informed and allotted a different centre. This revised information will also be displayed on the website.
Appearing in SEAT 2016 or being named on a published waiting list neither guarantees nor provides automatic entitlement to admission.
The SEAT 2016 score is valid only for admission in the academic year 2016-2017.
In all matters concerning the results of SEAT 2016 the decision of Srishti or the Chairperson of the Srishti Selection Committee will be final and binding on all the applicants.
Although SEAT 2016 is held at different centres across the country, Srishti, Bangalore, is the organizing institute and has the overall responsibility of conducting SEAT 2016. In case of any claims or disputes arising in respect of SEAT 2016, it is hereby made absolutely clear that Srishti, Bangalore shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to entertain and settle any such disputes and claims.
Protocol: Eligibility Criteria and Minimum Educational Qualifications (MEQ)

Candidates seeking admission must conform to the elibility criteria of minimum educational qualifications as published for each course and each level by Srishti on its website for the academic year in which admission is sought.
Srishti reserves the right to update and change the eligibility criteria for each course and level, and each applicant must take personal responsibility to check for compliance prior to submitting the application form.
The responsibility for correct and accurate information with the inclusion of the necessary documents of proof lies solely with the applicant. Srishti has the right to cancel, at any stage, the admission of a candidate in accordance with the rules and regulations in force, if it is found that any information provided by the candidate is not true and is/or misleading.
Protocol: Portfolio Review and Counselling

Candidates who are successful in the SEAT 2016 will be shortlised for the portfolio review.
The portfolio review and interview will be conducted in Bangalore for B.Des., B.Cr.A. and B.Voc. offered at the Bangalore centre.
The portfolio review and interview will be conducted in Pune for the Diploma Programs offered at the Pune Centre
The portfolio review and interview will be conducted in Trivandrum for the Diploma Programs offered at the Trivandrum Centre
The purpose of the interview is to find out the suitability of the candidate to the culture and pedagogy of Srishti.
The mode of interview will be conversational and not interrogative.
All candidates will be counselled during the interview about the courses, structure and policies of Srishti.
Protocol: Admission

The results of the Srishti Selection Process will be announced in a phased manner via the Srishti Online Admissions Portal. The phases will be in the form of a first list and a waiting list of candidates.
Each list will have a published last date for registration and acceptance of admissions at Srishti.
Payment of the full fees with registration, refundable deposit and all other fees and deposits as published in the fee schedule will constitute acceptance of the place.
After the last date for registration in each round the vacant seat/s will be allocated to the next waitlisted candidate/s.
Protocol: Special Needs

Srishti has an affirmative and inclusive philosophy with regards to diversity and the differently-abled, among its student community. Admission of students who have special needs is based on the following:

Declaration of being differently-abled under the following categories
Health and Wellbeing
Including asthma, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and other similar diseases
Including anxiety, depression, bi-polar, anorexia, eating disorder and other such manageable disorders
Loss of speech, sight or hearing
Loss of mobility because of impairment / lost limbs
Learning needs
Including dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and other such specific needs
Declaration of diversity considerations under the following categories
Second or third generation artisans coming from listed rural craft sectors
Any other

Declaration of excellence under the following categories
Academics - Math Olympiad or Science Talent
Culture - Music, Dance or Drama
Any other
All students with declared special needs will be
Provided with assistance during the SEAT as far as possible
Given admission if they make the merit criteria set by the Admissions Committee of the SEAT 2016
While Srishti’s policy on inclusion and diversity allows students with varied needs to join the institute, the admission letter to the student will state clearly the help and assistance that Srishti can provide. It will not be possible to cater to the specific needs of all candidates and admission will be based on the infrastructure (both soft and hard) currently available within Srishti, that will enable the student to function and work alongside others as equals.
Srishti does not have an active student loan or scholarship scheme. All students with financial assistance needs will be directed to banks that provide educational loans.
With regard to the interpretation of the provisions on any matter not covered in this document, the decision of the Srishti Selection Committee 2016 shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
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