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Jamia Teachers Protest against the cynic UGC’s Gazette Notification of UGC/HRD

Posted on:  | 27 May 2016

The Executive Committee of JTA( Jamia Teacher Association) in its meeting out rightly rejects the UGC’s Gazette Notification dated 4th May, 2016 about ‘minimum qualifications of appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges and measures for the maintenance of standards in higher education 3rd amendment regulations,2016’.

The same regulations in a way diminish the education system of our nation and a unilateral decision of UGC is an attack on the teaching community across India. The appendix –III Table I of the regulation indicates the direct teaching loads increases by approximately 50 % for all the three levels of teachers and at the same time there is mandatory requirement for teachers to publish with UGC recognised journals.

Such regulations may drive the teaching community in to the vortex of failure as preparation for the class, research and publication, administrative works, invited lectures, outreach programmes, industrial visits etc, will suffer and entire system of prevailing education may end up with utter failure?

The same regulation in its page no. 37 table indicates that ‘Category I’: “Teaching learning and evaluation related activities’ in which student feedback is insisted, which is directly connected with the promotion of teachers. The diverse nation such us ours there can be prejudices among the students based on caste, religion, regions, faith etc., which may lead to biased feedback on even best performing teachers. And also best, strict teachers both in teaching and marking attendance may not likely get good feedback from the students, which leads to bombard the cordial, efficient, professional relations among the teachers and students which is must for the development of educational system.

In Appendix III, Table – I ‘The API requirements for promotion have been made stringent and unethical. The award of any points based on only publication in the UGC recognised journals which may drive most of the already published works in to academically impotent waste papers. The teachers will be parasite to the expert committee commands and lose their academic freedom, the entire grading system is to enslave teachers, curb their original thinking, forced to chase the syllabi and ultimately the UGC’s regulation is the satanic design to kill education system in our country.
The UGC’s unilateral and arbitrary attack on teachers only leads to deterioration of entire education system of our country where teaching – learning mechanism will get demolished, and at the end the quality education may be ruined across the nation.

The JTA once again condemns and outrightly rejects the UGC’s anti- teacher’s regulation and joins hands with other teachers’ organisations across India to wage democratic fight to force UGC repeal the same.
S M Mahmood
Secretary, JTA
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