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70% Class VI govt school kids flunk `literacy test'

Posted on:  | 10 Aug 2016

Over 70% of Class VI students in government schools cannot read a paragraph from a textbook, a baseline assessment survey has revealed.

The assessment conducted by government school teachers using appropriate tools was aimed at revealing the level of learning of 2,01,997 children studying in 1,011 schools under the Delhi government's Directorate of Education.

According to the survey, 74% of the students could not read a paragraph from their Hindi textbook, 46% could not read a story of Class II competency and 8% could not identify letters.

Similarly , 67% of the children could not do simple 3 digits by 1 digit division, 44% of them could not do 2 digits subtraction with borrowing and 5% could not recognise single digit numbers.

The baseline survey was conducted to chalk out a plan of action for `Chunauti 2018', AAP government's new education reform plan seeking to check drop-out rate and improve education quality with special focus on the weakest students.

Source :TOI
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