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Past life regression: Journey of a soul : Ritu Bhalla

Posted on:  | 28 Aug 2016

This true story belong to me. I am a buddhist philosopher who strongly believe in Past life karma. To check this I went to Dr. Trupti Jayin in Mumbai. What I saw just amazed me and made me able to understand my connection with other people with whom I had suffered in this life time.
Past lives sometimes keep rolling out, especially when the person intents it. Mostly people can go through a single lifetime from the point of trauma backwards to the important events that led to the point of death, or forwards to the death scene to bury the emotions which led to it. Sometimes, people jump to multiple lifetimes, scanning through scenes of trauma which need to be released. This true incident was inscribed by my Doctor and I am sharing this in her words only.

Ritu has had a difficult lifetime with her husband leaving her suddenly and saddling her with legal cases involving insurance on credit cards. Their marriage was difficult with physical abuse and lack of communication. A day later Ritu lost her father due to a cardiac arrest. She has raised her two sons all alone. She is single and does not need any male in her life. She said, " Since I was young, men have seemed beasts to me. I have never been comfortable with them. Ritu told her doctor that she can not tolerate male ego. She visited a past life as a queen living near Ranakpur in Rajasthan. She insisted that there were temples in the fort too. This is true. The landscape she described fits the hill fort. She saw her husband leaving for war and later his dead body on the funeral pyre. As a widow she is banished to live in a small dark room behind the fort. She has to cook for herself and has no help. She dies at the age of 78 feeling rejected and angry at the turn of events since her husband's death. The sadness made her cry and release her anger against men, her husband who died and her brother-in-law who drove her out of the fortress.

Ritu also needed to work through her fear of spiders and this happened spontaneously, when she suddenly saw herself as a tribal woman who traps snakes. She felt herself near a tree and while she was catching a snake, a large spider crawled up her arm and bit her. As she saw the spider, she had nausea and shivering. At this time, the therapist encouraged her to release all the fear from her past life body so that it is not carried ahead. The spider is found in the hills of Uttar Pradesh which she identified. Her consciousness was in a hurry and jumped from this trauma to another memory which came up. In present life Ritu loves snakes. She is suffering from arachnophobia and sometimes faints to see a spider.

The next memory was of a pandit Deen anath Shastri. He was a brahmin who teaches Brahmin students. He was living in Kashi who while bathing in the Ganges, drowns. In this life time Ritu is a spiritual leader and she hesitates to learn from others. She gets comfortable in teaching others.
The next memory was of a man, James, a major riding on a horseback in Britain in 1716, who goes to a field of crops and trapped by forest fire and gets charred to death.

This is where she experienced suffocation and difficulty in breathing. His soul moves up to his house to see his wife Maria and two sons Henry and Oliver mourning. James was strong and deeply in love with his wife. But she got married soon after his death. The soul recognises the wife as a friend of Ritu in this life time. As the memory was about to lapse, the soul pushed forward to make peace with all the bodies, the energy of which had to release. Ritu loves horses and has a birth mark on her right leg. Both his sons are same in this lifetime. She recognized Oliver as her younger son of present life time. In this life time he is more attached to Ritu and can't live without her. Henry, her elder son was mature and in this life time he has been born with maturity and sincerity. Maria is born as a male in this life time and Ritu recognized him through eyes at the time of regression.

Ritu understood her need to learn things by herself. Four lifetimes and she didn't learn any survival strategies. She didn't use her intellect to deal with situations, instead she succumbed to the fear and loneliness. In three leiftimes she saw herself child less or unable to enjoy with children. With the insight that she needs to let go of the fears that she is carrying and to say goodbye to her husband with love. It's important to release energies of the past to live in present moment with more understanding and affection. Ritu is now trying to forgive males who made her live and die alone.
Readers, this is my true story, a journey of my soul who is taking birth again and again to expand and evolve. Thank you Doctor Trupti for taking me into past and making my life meaningful.
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