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By the way: Child Rape: Most Heinous Crime : Hritu Bhalla

Posted on:  | 31 Oct 2016

In past few years rapes of children specially young girls have increased. I am unable to understand the reasons behind this heinous act against small girls. Being a woman I have faced eve teasing a lot. Raping of a two year old girl Child really made me so upset that I could not sleep for two nights. I still remember when Damini case happened and we prayed for her well being for day and night. That case is still fresh in my mind. Now after few years an innocent girl who has not seen anything in this world was raped brutally by an insane person. That girl was not even wearing short clothes and she did not do anything to attract that person. From past many years rapists are taking advantage of this mentality. We always criticize girls who wear short clothes and comes late in the evening. Why can't we stop men to roam around aimlessly on streets at night? Sometimes they wander on roads like hunters looking for prey at nights.

Young girls are not safe anywhere in this world. I had read the whole story in a newspaper about this small girl. It gave me chills and shivers when I imagined that scene. I want to ask a simple question?

What is the biggest fault of a girl? Why she has to suffer for just being born as a girl? She is not a toy or merely an object to play with. She is made of blood and flesh who has feelings too.
At the age of two when a girl doesn't know how to dress herself , a rapist brutally tore up her soul. I don't think that these type of sick people should be left free. He is behind bars and soon gets punishment but that's not enough.

What are we doing to change the mind set of men who see a young child as a sex object? Is this normal?

I shared my thoughts last time how to teach our boys to behave properly.
Education is must for those who disrespect women. Parents must keep an eye on their sons to prevent such incidents. Unfortunately our society usually protects males in such cases. Neighbours and villagers try to save males in most of the rape cases.

Victim's parents are threatened to leave the place. They are mentally harassed for a crime which they never did. Every crime is punishable and rape is being considered as the most heinous crime. But rape victims are increasing in numbers. Police and Administration are ready to help a girl but we as citizens must do something to stop this around us. If you know any rape victim , please stop commenting on her character. Try to behave normal in her presence. It's not good to remind her of that horrifying incident again and again. She was physically abused and it does not make her impure. She has full right to live her life with dignity. Why would she be punished to lose her virginity? If we advise a girl to hide her private parts from others, why can't we give the same advise to a male who often urinates in public places. They don't feel ashamed of being caught naked. A girl has to be kept in visor but a boy can show his private parts publically. This is ridiculous. Male children are also not safe these days. Mentally sick people destroy other people's life for one minute pleasure. No one can think of doing this in senses.

My polite request to all readers is to make our society beautiful and secure for girls. Our Indian culture us well known for its vast and deep roots. We don't treat women as sex objects like other western countries. Internet or any other source must be used to increase knowledge. India is a beautiful place to live in. Citizens of India can set an example to the whole world that we have the best of culture and civility. Most men fear getting laughed at or humiliated by a romantic prospect while most women fear rape and death. Remove this fear from the core of every woman and let her live freely and openly.
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