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Can’t teach yoga in schools forcibly: Supreme Court

Posted on:  | 07 Nov 2016

It is really very ridiculous and cunningness that Indian lawyer quote the judgments of courts of European country saying that see in that court this kind of judgment has been passed and the so and so has given that remarks over this particular issue , but Indian lawyers never accepts or admits the basics value of human rights which are universal and all time facts and not growing timely realities .

Same kind of petition has been filed on the basis of “”””The petition, which quotes the U.S. court ruling, was filed by advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, who has also sought a direction to the government to frame a National Yoga Policy, saying that right to health was part of the right to lead a dignified life under Article 21 of the Constitution.”

The plea, which has made the Ministry of Human Resource Development, NCERT, NCTE and the CBSE as parties, sought a direction to “provide standard textbooks of ‘Yoga and Health Education’ for students of Class one to eight, keeping in spirit various fundamental rights such as right to life, education and equality.”

“The State has an obligation to provide health facilities to all the citizens, especially to children and adolescents. In a Welfare State, it is the obligation of the State to ensure the creation and sustaining of conditions congenial to good health,” the plea said.

“There are about 20 crore children throughout the country studying in primary and junior classes at the cost of public exchequer. Yoga should be taught to them as a compulsory subject as per the National Curriculum Framework 2005 notified under Section 7(6) of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009,” the plea said.

Today Supreme Court said that you cant force people to learn the yoga
It is be remembered since the formation of BJP government RSS people are trying to saffron ideology by all means and as yoga leader Ramdev propagate Brahmanism in the name of yoga and health care do not depend only on yoga it include so many things including good food, good environment
Malnutritioned children cant learn yoga also not needed

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