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Saffron Terror took another life : "Rajini Krish’s Last Post: “When Equality is Denied, Everything is Denied” Sanjiv Chandan

Posted on:  | 13 Mar 2017

When equality is denied everything is denied. By saying Prof Sukhdeo thorat looking for the questions in the conference organized by UDSF in the SSS -1 Auditorium, behind Prof. Throat the white colour projector screen recalled Jeeva’s son memories about screen. From the 70mm new screen Jeeva’s son watching the Tamil Movie “Pithamagan”. After the movie ,the lights areon, screen became white, it was first day first show “Pithamagan”. Basically Jeeva’s son came to buy Maana in the Kitchippalyam , after the Dry fish flyover Maana market.

After packing Maana in the Black colour plastic bag Jeeva’s son Walks through Old bus stand road, then he hooks the right, right side Oriental Shakthi theater, after a while he reached Laxmi Ice cream shop. From the shop everyone looking at the black carry bag. It is very obvious that the big black colour carry bag is for only parceling Maana those days. Suddenly people turns the faces. With that 5kg Maana parcel, Jeeva’s son reached Salem Old bus stand clock house, then he was waiting for Satthiram, Lee bazaar route buses, Suddenly one of his school friend Ramana came near to him, Ramana supposed to get down in the 4 Roads bus stop.

Jeeva’s son thought, he can talk to Ramana till 4 Roads, but when the moment Ramana seen the Black carry bag, he started to look for some other bus, he did not even give face to him. Jeeva’s son entered inside the 6 A sathiram route bus.

Middle of the bus right side window seat, Jeeva son watching the road side shops. Salem Collector Office, opposite situated the Salem Government Hospital bus stop. An officer entered inside the bus after looking at the Black Maana cover, the officer did not sit with Jeeva’s son though there was a place and no other vacancy in the bus. After the Government Hospital, the bus claimed the flyover, after the flyover, Klapana Theatre bus stop, which is opposite to the Salem Anna Park. From the Park a couple came into the bus, they were searching for seat to sit with their 3 year old kid. Jeeva’s son want to stand from 4 Roads to Sathiram Bus stop since there is nobody to talk with him, so for them he woke up and gave place, but both of them did not sit after seeing the Black carry bag, now the Maana smell broadcasted throughout the bus, nobody sat on the seat till 4 Roads.

After 4 Roads Jeeva’s son foot boarded with other passenger’s From 4 Roads to Thammannnan Chetty road, other passenger’s angry on him just for the Maana bag, now the smell is very clear, some crushed him on the foot. Jeeva’s son walked through the Sathiram to Lee bazar road. Jeeva’s son intent to walk right side, to see the people’s reaction. Many people turned aside, and crossed opposite side, after seeing the Maana carry bag. In those days there was no equality for Maana, but nowadays there is no maana , that is to say there is no equality.

There is no Equality in M.phil/phd Admission, there is no equality in Viva – voce, there is only denial of equality, denying prof. Sukhadeo thorat recommendation, denying Students protest places in Ad – block, denying the education of the Marginal’s. When Equality is denied everything is denied.
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