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Posted on:  | 04 Jul 2017

Vidhyalay , New Delhi : it was a biggest flaw in Indian education system for continuing Math as a compulsory subject till the tenth class . on many occasion vidhyalaya has sensitized the teachers , professors and the people from education filed that math should not be compulsory subject as it has nothing to do with child’s ability .but because of studying Math compulsion it put millions of students out of school as they cant pass the math exam
Vidhyalay has cited millions of examples of professors , teachers , and other professionals who had the nightmare of passing the Math in tenth .somehow they managed to pass the tenth exam and after that they never saw the math book and in their real life they have performed extremely well without math .

Keeping math as a compulsory till tenth was like playing with the future of country . Mumbai high court has given a historical judgment . the story of news source follow here

There are hardly any bad memories we can recollect when it comes to school. But there’s one that we somehow wished could just vanish and never come back- Mathematics. Whilst for some maths was a mere cakewalk, some struggled unimaginably to get through the exams.

Well, for the latter, we have some news that’ll make your school life a hell lot easier and happier.
On Monday, The Bombay High Court gave an advice to all the education boards to make Mathematics an optional subject in class 10th.

The court has come up with this decision after noticing the high number of students who didn’t appear for the exams and even ended giving up on education completely just because they were not able to pass their Mathematics exam.

A division bench comprising of Justice AK Menon and Justice VM Kanade stated,
Research says that out of all the students who’ve left school mid-way, 90% quit because of failure in Mathematics and English. Supporting which the court gave an example of how SSC students in 1975 used to give examinations for 8 subjects including General maths. So that even if a student failed in Maths, was considered to be passed.

The court believes that making this option available at the moment would prove to be very helpful for students planning to pursue further studies in the field of Arts or other where Mathematics isn’t needed at all.

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