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World Brotherhood Organization has decided to honor responsible and good citizens with Rs 5,100/-

Posted on:  | 31 Dec 2017

Dec 31, 2017: On the Eve of New Year 2018 World Brotherhood Organization has taken a big step and declared that any common citizen who catches a chain/purse snatcher and hands him over to police and also who takes the road accident person to hospital would be given Rs 5,100/- each.
On this occasion World Brotherhood Organization President Sh. S.S Marwah said that “people are becoming less sensitive day by day. Police cannot be availableeverywhere and every time. To stop these crimes we ourselves will have to come forward and show courage. That is why we have announced the award of Rs 5,100/-“

On this occasion World Brotherhood Organization National President Sardar Iqbal Singh Jagdev said “ by this practice, people will be more responsible towards each other and can work closely with Delhi Police also.”

World Brotherhood Organization youth President Sh. Jasmeet Marwah said “urged the youth to come forward and show their responsibility towards the society.”

World Brotherhood Organization women President Smt. Mamta Chowdhary said that “women safety is the responsibility of every citizen. This project will bring new energy in the society.”
Sardar Virender Singh, media coordinator of WBO said that “we want to encourage the bold attitude of our citizen through this project.”

Outdoor media coordinator Sh. Sumit Gulati said “this step is towards building a fearless and responsible society.”

Media coordinator Sh. Sunit Narula said that “we are team India and we the citizens of Delhi should join hands together and make Delhi crime free.”
The reward amount will be given only to the common citizen for the crimes that take place in Delhi. FIR or the Hospital report has to be attached for verification.

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